Cutest, Comfiest, Sandals for the Summer

I researched dozens of websites and thousands of sandals over the course of weeks. As a thirty something year old, and mother of two, I really value comfort. So my main priority was finding something that I could wear chasing the kids, going grocery shopping or for a long day at Great America. Because of this, I quickly eliminated flip flops, thin strapped sandals, and anything with more than an inch heel or wedge.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, I wanted something cute and stylish. Being a mom, comfort tends to outweigh style, but I really wanted a pair of sandals that made me feel stylish and put together (because I’m usually not). This made my search even more narrow, as I quickly eliminated birkenstocks, clogs and other bulky type shoes.

Lastly, as a stay at home mom, money is tight, so I’m always looking for a great deal. These Rockport sandals are $59.99 regular priced at DSW. But DSW always has sales, I personally got a 20% coupon and a $10 off of $50, so it came out to be about $46 with FREE shipping.

I just wanted to share how awesome these sandals are. They have like a memory foam base, so its like walking on marshmellows. They also have like a velcro strap making them super easy to put on and off. I have worn them everywhere, and they are so freakin’ comfortable. They passed the kids test and the long days at Great America. I just love these! What are your favorite sandals for this summer?


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