Mommy Style 101

Hey Ladies!
Do you live in yoga pants and sweat pants? Do you want to get back to your wonderful and fabulous self back and don’t know how. Do you still have extra pounds from the baby that never went away? Well, you are not alone. Join me on my journey to find cute and affordable clothing. I may not have all the answers or a quick fix, but I wanted to share what I’ve learned and how I overcame some obstacles.
First, you need to let go of what you thought look good on you, before kids. I know my body changed and if you are like most woman, than yours has too. If you’re one of the lucky moms and bounced back to your pre-baby body, than chances are your boobs are smaller/bigger than before, or your hips remained slightly wider. Either case, everyone’s life has changed and so you now need a wardrobe to reflect that.
Just so you know, I’m totally pro yoga pants don’t get me wrong, I practically lived in them for 4 years. But, I personally never felt my best in them. So I slowly started by allowing myself to only wear yoga pants 4 days a week, then 3, then 2 days. And it worked!!! For the most part… I felt less like a slob but I still felt unstylish, I didn’t have time to try on clothes and shop like I use to. So I decided to use a styling service. I personally choose Stitch Fix, but there a lot of different services that offer similar services like NordstromsTrunk Club. Here’s what I ended up doing to get back on the style horse to make me feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

1. Use a styling service like Stitch Fix.


Before you start, make sure you update your Pinterest site of items you like and make it available to be seen by the public. Show your stylist your own personal style, the more information you provide, the better the stylist can met your needs. I personally was so happy when I got my first box, most pieces where exactly what I wanted without leaving the comfort of my own home. And the other pieces I received I was pleasantly surprised with, things I never thought I should or could wear, were now part of my go to items to wear.Using a styling service basically opened my eyes to what my body and lifestyle needed now. It basically gave me a guide to what styles and cuts I should wear, so I could shop for myself comfortably again.

2. Find what works well for your body.

Certain cuts and styles may not be a good fit for you anymore.If you can not afford to use a styling service, do a little research and go on Pinterest to see what would look good for you body type. Try finding a few outfits and re-create them.  Loose tops and comfy materials are a great way to start. Try dressing up jeans with a cold shoulder blouse or a shirt with an asymmetrical line. I feel like asymmetrical shirts or cold shoulder shirts instantly make me feel stylish and can still be super comfy.

3. Buy clothing that fits.

I know we all want to wear the clothing we had before our kids, but wearing too tight clothing or even loose-fitting clothing like your maternity clothing can be unflattering. Make sure you are wearing clothing in the appropriate size.

Overall, wear something you feel comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know what awaits you!

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